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Almost ready to go!

Almost packed and ready to go! We’re getting very good at the whole “shove stuff into boxes and desperately store them last minute” routine. Seems that we do it at least 2 if not 3 times a year.

It’s -12 degrees here in Norway today. Next stop - BUENOS AIRES! Hello beautiful sunshine and 32 degrees. We won’t discuss the thunder storm on Tuesday… haha. Take a wee look at the map of our trip (should be at the top of this page or indeed the top of the homepage) to see which countries we have planned for the next 4 and a half months.

Now, I say next stop Buenos Aires, but that’s not really the next stop. Frankfurt is the next stop.. with a lovely 11 hour layover period. Not sure whether we’ll stick it out at the airport or head into the city for a few hours. Going to be a lotta waiting’ before we get ourselves to 32 degrees! But it’s going to be worth it. No doubt that one of us, depending on sleep deprivation, will post half way through this journey to let you know how we’re getting on.

All I have to do now, is keep Katty’s blood sugar levels high enough to ensure smooth sailing :D

Wish us good luck! And so loooooooong Norway!


Ps.. I don't think twister wants us to leave!


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First attempt

Great success!

snow -4 °C

After 2 hours of wine, cheese, crackers and minimal, HA, arguing we have set up our travel blog (wooohooo)! We are about to embark on a 4 and a half month journey to South America. We are excited, almost packed and almost about to kill each other (Tom is nodding his head in agreement). On a minor side note, we have just spent the last 15 minutes arguing about how the first sentence should sound in this travel blog....so bear with us on this!

On this blog you can expect to see separate entries as well as entries where we try to cooperate to bring you stuff that makes sense (no promises). We do hope you will read (and perhaps laugh at) our thoughts and experiences as we venture into the unknown/abyss (kathrin wanted abyss which by definition means "bottomless pit". Good luck reading her blogs).

For now however, I think we should say good night, because this really is proving to be harder then expected. Anywho... Thanks for reading and try not to worry too much about us, after all we do have each other (for now at least...). That was kathrin writing.

"WE'LL BE BACK", said in bad Shwarzenegger accent,

Tom and Kat (or Kat and Tom, depending on who you prefer)

Ps. This has been written by both of us. Sorry.



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